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What's in a name? For two young lovers . . . everything.

During the War Between the States, the feud between the Kansas Jayhawkers and the Missouri Bushwackers raged like wildfire. But it was nothing compared to the hatred between the Coltons and the Murphys.

Julia Colton is taught from birth that the Jayhawkers are her enemy, especially the Murphy's who took the Colton's rightful property. When Ryan Murphy saves her from a band of renegades, she begins to question everything she thought was the truth.

Ryan lost his mother to a Bushwacker attack and has vowed vengeance. But Julia's gentle ways tempt him toward love instead. The only time he feels at peace is when he's with her. To save Julia from a loveless marriage to a violent man, they marry.

As the war heats up, along with the feud, they must choose between family and love, between vows of vengeance and vows of marriage. Is their love stronger than bullets, deeper than blood? Will it be just as true by any other name?

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