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She doesn't believe in love, he won't settle for anything less.

Police officer D. J. Halloran is having a very bad day. Not only was she involved in a shoot-out with teenaged gang member but the mayor insists that she help his friend, Christian McCall, do research for his new book. To top it off, her guardian angel is driving her nuts.

As a child, Chris McCall witnessed the brutal murder of his parents and on that day he vowed never to settle for anything less the type of true love that they had. Why on earth is he falling for D.J., who believes in nothing but what she can see, hear and touch?

After attempts are made on Christian's life, D.J. spirits him out of town. With the aid of her angel, Josie, D.J. must discover who is try to kill Chris and why. Josie has her hands full trying to fulfill her mission and teach her earthly charge how to love.

Will heavenly intervention allow Chris and D.J. to make it out of a tight spot alive? Will D.J. learn how to love before it's too late?

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