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Winner of the PRISM Award for Dark Paranormal

Genny McGuire lost everything in the War Between the States. Since then she has been haunted by the dream of a white eagle, which brings her both happiness and despair. Determined to discover the truth behind what she believes is a prophecy, Genny heads for Bakerstown, Texas and comes face-to-face with Keenan Eagle, the dangerous, half-breed bounty hunter known as White Eagle.

Though driven away years ago by both the Comanche-hating townsfolk and the unspeakable evil that haunts the hills, Keen has returned to Bakerstown. Unfortunately the place holds memories of every woman he's ever loved. They have all died because of him.

Keen swore never to love again, yet something about the strong-willed schoolteacher awakens his desire. Is she the woman he has been searching for--the woman who can end the reign of the evil spirit known as Night Stalker, the woman who Dreams of an Eagle?

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