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Forbidden love? Simply irresistible . . .

Lake Bluff, Georgia, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, was once my home. But when the bright lights of Atlanta beckoned, Claire Kennedy had to answer. I’d dreamed of working in a newsroom, like my mother, for far too long.

My father’s sudden death brings me back. Definitely older, I thought I was a lot wiser. So how did I ended up finishing out my father’s term as mayor?

A band of Gypsies arrives to entertain at our Full Moon Festival, driving wagons as old and colorful as their ancestors, filled with animals both exotic and dangerous. They appear to have walked out of a bygone century.

Their leader, Malachi Cartwright is not only attractive but secretive and mysterious.
When my last relationship ended in a cruel betrayal, I swore off men forever. But this one may change my mind.

Then all hell breaks loose. Wolf howls are heard in mountains that have been wolf-free for a century. A tourist is mauled, then disappears. Magical runes marked with Nazi symbols are found at the scenes of further attacks. As an eclipse approaches, enemies are everywhere.

Is Malachi one of them?

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