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Beneath a hunter’s moon blood turns from crimson to black . . .


Once upon a time they called me Ms. Tyler, Leigh to my friends. I was a kindergarten teacher who dreamed of love, children and that cliché picket fence.  Then my worst mistake came back and brutally took away everything I ever loved. 


Mistakes . . . they can haunt you. Until you make them stop.


I became a hunter, a Jager-Sucher. Specialty: Werewolves.  Just because my starry-eyed dreams might be dead, that doesn’t mean everyone else’s has to be. But there’s a bigger, badder beast in town and it’s doing my work for me. 


Distractions can be deadly and Damien Fitzgerald, a drifter with a questionable past is the ultimate distraction. When I gave up love, I gave up sex.  Damien makes me wonder if maybe, just maybe, that was a mistake.  However, people who hang around me too long wind up dead. 

I can’t live with any more souls on my conscience.


In the end, the only way to save anyone, including myself, is to come face-to-face with my past. But am I strong enough to triumph over an evil no one else has ever vanquished before?

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