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From the voice of New York Times bestselling author Lori Handeland, this heart-wrenching but ultimately uplifting novel contains the humor, depth of characterization and fast paced plot lines she is known for while showcasing the author’s incredible range.



What if you could start over––

right at the moment where it all went wrong?

Twenty-four years ago, Frankie’s marriage ended. Now, her ex-husband—Charley Blackwell, a world-famous photojournalist—has walked through the door as if no time has passed. And for him, it hasn’t. Illness has stolen his long-term memory.

Once upon a time, Frankie and Charley were the perfect couple—utterly, completely, sickeningly in love. They shared a passion for photography, but where Frankie saw the way the world came together, Charley only saw how the world came apart.  


The cards of fate dealt them a hand that broke their marriage. Yet, Charley is the only man Frankie ever truly loved, and in Charley’s mind they are right back in that era of complete marital bliss.


But Frankie has moved on to a new life, Charley to a new wife. One he doesn’t remember at all. Three people trapped in a collision of love, life, and loss.


What do you do when you are forgotten?

What do you do if you are the one who is remembered?


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