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A group of classic contemporary love stories.

Humor with heart! 

Book Cover Out of Her League
Book Cover Friends to Lovers
Book Coer When You Wish
Book Cover Mommy for Rent
Volume I
Previously Published as MOTHER OF THE YEAR
After the death of her husband, Evie Vaughn realizes her dream of becoming a high school teacher. She and her three sons move to Oak Grove, Iowa and become part of the community. Evie would like nothing better than to be able to send her boys to college, but to do so she needs to land the coveted position of high school baseball coach. She's qualified. She's almost got the job in her grasp. Then Joe Scalotta comes to town. 

The "Iceman," as Joe was known on the football field, has just been hired as the football coach for the local community college. He's also received full custody of his teenage daughter after he mother's recent death. Oak Grove is supposed to be a new start for them both.  

When Joe is offered Evie's job merely on the basis of his notoriety sparks fly, and Evie proposes a test. Whoever's team wins the Big League Baseball championship over the summer wins the job. Though Joe doesn't want her job, he does want to keep an eye on the lovely Mrs. Vaughn. Especially since his daughter, Toni, has been assigned to Evie's team as her newest pitcher. 

When Joe discovers himself hornswoggled into coaching Evie's twin terror sons in T-ball and his daughter falls in love with her catcher, Evie's oldest son, the two of them wind up spending more time together than apart. And not just because of the children.


Volume II

Previously published as DOCTOR, DOCTOR 

Growing up an Army brat Elijah Drycinski swore that one day he would find a place to call home. When they moved to Pine River, Wisconsin, Eli knew he had found it. While talking to a squirrel, Eli meets Gwen Bartelt. Though kids teased him for his love of animals, calling him Dr. Doolittle, Gwen understood and the shy Eli fell in love with her. However Gwen always saw Eli as her best friend. When she leaves town for medical school, she breaks Eli's heart. 

Eli becomes a veterinarian, Gwen an ER physician.They don't see each other for years, but Eli never forgets the girl he loved. 

When Gwen's dad, the town doctor, falls off a roof and breaks his leg, Gwen returns home. Circumstances have hardened her and she now has three fast rules for her life: No kids, no pets, no everlasting love. Eli sets his sights on teaching her the joy in breaking every one.


Volume III

Massage therapist, Grace Lighthorse, is very close to receiving funding for her pet project--supplying sick children with security blankets. The only catch is that she work with the brilliant, and sexy, scientist, Dr. Daniel Chadwick. Unfortunately, Daniel doesn't believe in anything so fanciful as alternative medicine. Or love. 

Daniel has chosen to live his life alone in the northwoods of Wisconsin. The only thing he's ever been any good at is medical research, and he isn't giving up his grant to a free-spirited flower child.  

Despite their differences, Grace and Dan want one thing--to heal others. Will they be able to heal each other as well?

Volume IV
A Novella

In this classic romantic novella, Kelly Rosholt has just opened a satellite office for her "Rent a Mommy" business in Wisconsin.  Once upon a time, all Paige wanted was to be a mother.  When her dreams were dashed, she started a business doing everything a mommy does--for a price.


Scott Delgado has also recently moved to Wisconsin with his daughter, Dani. A former pro baseball player, Scott has just been named the coach of the minor league Kiwanee Warhawks. His job involves a lot of travel and he some help.

Dani has moved from town to town because of her father's job.  She really wants to stay put this time and make some friends.  But how can she when everyone here is part of a family and she doesn't even have a mother?  So she hires one from Rent a Mommy.


By the time the truth comes out, Kelly and Dani have bonded and the attraction between Kelly and Scott is impossible to deny. Will they be able to move past their differences and make a home, a life and a family together? 

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