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From bestselling author Lori Handeland, a collection of four contemporary romances.

Humor with heart!


Out of Her League

How can a friendly little bet cause so much trouble?

A single mom and a single dad compete for the coveted job of high school baseball coach in the small town of Oak Grove, Iowa. Whoever wins the Summer Big League Baseball Championship wins the job. But are they competing for a job or moving toward the love they've always wanted?


Friends to Lovers

No kids, no pets, no everlasting love.

An emergency room physician who lives her life by three unbreakable rules, comes home to Pine River, Wisconsin after her father is injured in an accident. There she discovers her childhood best friend has blossomed into the hot local veterinarian.

Will he be able to teach her the joy in breaking all those rules?


When You Wish

Is all he's been dissing exactly what he's been missing?

A free-spirited massage therapist must compete with a brilliant research scientist for a grant. At first they are oil and water, but as time goes on they both discover how wrong they’ve been about so many things.

And if they were wrong about all that, have they been wrong about each other?


Mommy for Rent

When what you need is something money can't buy

When a businesswoman opens a "Rent a Mommy" franchise in small town Wisconsin, her first client is an adorable girl who doesn't understand she isn't really renting a mommy. Her father, coach of the minor league baseball team that funds the town, wants nothing to do with a cold, commerce-loving woman like his ex-wife, but he need help. The two agree to a business relationship for the sake of the child. How long will it take them to realize the relationship is anything but business?

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