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Scheherazade had nothing on her . . .

Maggie O'Schea is fascinated by the American West. Relegated to writing obituaries for the New York Journal, she dreams of telling 1001 tales of gunslingers, outlaws and adventure.

When the orphanage where she grew up is threatened with closure, Maggie knows she must try to save it. A clipping about the famous gunslinger, Ethan King, who has holed up in the Arizona ghost town of Gila City, gives her an idea. She will tell his story and save her childhood home.

Unfortunately, Ethan has no love for the press. They ruined his father's life with their lies. Ethan is in Gila City bent on revenge and he won't let some foolish reporter stand in his way.

When Maggie refuses to leave, he locks her up and demands she tell him a story each night so that he can sleep. Alone together in a town of ghosts, the two learn about life, about death and eventually, about love.

But when the man Ethan has been waiting for arrives, everything they've dreamed of may disappear. Can Ethan's prowess with a gun and Maggie's talent with a story save their newfound dreams?

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