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Death is not the end . . . I hope.

A corrupt, lying, dangerous husband landed me in witness protection. They gave me a new identity and insisted I change my life. I am now Priestess Cassandra; I own a voodoo shop in New Orleans. When I change lives, I do it right.

When the Jager-Suchers, an elite monster-hunting force, asks me to travel to Haiti and find an evil, zombie-raising, magical voodoo sorcerer I agree. What kind of priestess would I be if I said no to the discovery of magic? And if there are rumors of an ancient, shapeshifting clan of black panthers, fine by me. Bring ‘em on.

But I need a guide and the best one on the island, the only one that knows how to reach the lair of the sorcerer, is Devon Murphy. Both thief and fortune hunter, Devon has secrets of his own.

During the journey in and out of magical realms, from New Orleans to Haiti and back again, I discover a lot about myself, a lot about Devon and even more about magic, life after death and how far I’m willing to go to get what I want, to do what I must do, what I’ve planned to do all along.

Raise my daughter from the dead.

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