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When Darkness Falls Another World Comes Alive

Some Never Before Published in Print!

Blame it on the Moon
A Nightcreature prequel short story featuring Edward Mandenauer

France, 1944 and the Nazis are up to no good in the Black Forest. The leaders of the resistance have sent me, Renee, to find out what they are concocting in an isolated castle. On the way, I am captured by Gestapo Major Edward Mandenauer. But Edward is not what he seems. Together we infiltrate the castle and discover the beginnings of a werewolf army.

Can we stop it? Will we be able to escape . . . together?

Shadow of the Moon
A Nightcreature short story featuring Jessie McQuade and Will Cadotte from the RITA® Award winning BLUE MOON

When Will and I are sent to a small Wisconsin town to investigate a sudden rash of violent insanity, we encounter a mad scientist who has invented a new kind of werewolf . . .

One that silver can't kill.

Charmed by the Moon

A Nightcreature short story featuring Jessie McQuade and Will Cadotte from theRITA® Award winning BLUE MOON

When a mysterious love charm is discovered in the ceremonial Ojibwe garments of Will Cadotte on the eve of his wedding to Jessie McQuade, the two embark on a soul-stirring spirit journey to uncover the truth.

Will their love endure the trials of their dangerous world, or will unseen forces tear them apart?

Red Moon Rising
A Nightcreature novella taking place after BLUE MOON

On the cover of my adventure novels the name Maya Alexander blazes bright red, a colorful contrast to my need for peace, quiet and safety. After a Navajo skinwalker begins to stalk me, then Clay Phillips, a mysterious soldier of fortune, saves my life, we go on the run together in the biggest adventure outside the pages of one of my novels.

Voodoo Moon

A Nightcreature novella taking place after RISING MOON

When my boss sends me, Dana Duran-FBI, to Devil's Fork, Louisiana to investigate rumors of a serial killer, I can’t help but laugh at the belief of the locals that the murderer is supernatural. Then my main suspect turns out to be the local voodoo king, Julian Portier.

How was I to know that dark magic would seduce me away from every belief I’d ever had?

Cobwebs Over the Moon

A Nightcreature adjacent novella

When Manhattanite Carly Kelly finds herself thrust into the icy embrace of the Alaskan wilderness, she seeks refuge in the arms of Dylan Shepard, a rugged soldier haunted by his own secrets.


As the moon rises above an icy landscape, Carly and Dylan race against time to find her mother and escape the clutches of relentless werewolves. As the line between friend and foe blurs Carly wonders: can a love forged by fear and desperation last?

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