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Paranormal Romance featuring the Special Forces Monster Hunting Society known as the Jager-Suchers


Book Cover Hidden Moon


Forbidden love is irresistible . . .


Lake Bluff, Georgia, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, was once Claire Kennedy’s home.  But she left for the bright lights of Atlanta right out of high school.  Now she’s back, a little older, hopefully a lot wiser, and determined not to let anyone ever hurt her again.  Despite misgivings, she agrees to fulfill her father’s term as mayor of Lake Bluff after his death.  One of her first duties is to oversee the town’s yearly Full Moon Festival and it isn’t as easy as it looks.

A band of Gypsies arrives to entertain at the festival, driving wagons as old and colorful as their ancestors, filled with animals both exotic and dangerous. Their leader, Malachi Cartwright is not only attractive but secretive and mysterious, as are the rest of his people. They all appear to have walked out of a bygone century. They still believe that to love anyone not a Gypsy is forbidden.


Malachi awakens a strong attraction in the usually sensible Claire. Her last relationship ended in a cruel betrayal that sent her running home, swearing off men forever.  But this man may change her mind.


Then all hell breaks loose. Wolf howls are heard in mountains that have been wolf-free for a century.  A tourist is mauled, then disappears. Magical runes marked with Nazi symbols are found at the scenes of further attacks. As an eclipse approaches, enemies are everywhere. Will Malachi, who Claire fears she is coming to love, help or hurt her.  When the hidden moon arrives, what deadly foe will be revealed at last?

Book Cover Thunder Moon
Book Cover Marked by the Moon



The Blue Ridge Mountains are a haunted 



Cherokee sheriff, Grace McDaniel, has dealt with paranormal entities before and is not surprised that they're back.  After a freak thunderstorm the elderly residents in Lake Bluff, Georgia start to die. Upon further examination, their hearts are missing.  Are the victims supernatural or are their killers? 


Ian Walker, a Cherokee doctor who blends native and traditional medicine, also arrives with the Thunder Moon. He bears the mark of a warrior on his back and wears an eagle feather in his hair.  Ian hides both powerful medicine and a painful past.  Grace is attracted immediately, despite her mistrust of strangers, secrecy and magic.


As the creature preying on the town's residents gains strength and begins to kill not just the old but the young and healthy as well, Grace and Ian must team up in a race to find the Cherokee legend become fact, the Raven Mocker. 

RITA Finalist Paranormal Romance










n the RITA® nominated Marked by the Moon, Alaska has never been so dangerous.


Alexandra Trevalyn was once a member of an elite force of werewolf hunters, but these days she's going rogue, determined to rid the world of the crazed killers, specifically the one that killed her parents.


Once a Viking, now a werewolf, Julian Barlow has been hunting Alex since she killed his gentle wife. His plans of vengeance are downright devious.  To make Alex understand, up close and personal, that not all werewolves are evil, killing machines, he makes Alex a werewolf too.


It's only a matter of time before she succumbs to the freedom of the wolf that runs through her veins, if she doesn't succumb to the temptation of Julian first. 


At his magical village above the Arctic Circle a rogue werewolf kills the innocent. Can Julian and Alex work together to save the rest of the pack? Or will they just tear each other apart?

RITA Finalist Paranormal Romance



Legends never die . . .


When her cable television show, Hoax Hunters, is canceled, Kristin Daniels is determined to turn things around.  Wouldn’t debunking the biggest myth of them all be just the thing to get her TV show back on the air? With that in mind, Kris sets off for Scotland to take on Nessie. 


On the shores of Loch Ness she meets mysterious and sexy Liam Grant, a caretaker of the loch. Their attraction is instantaneous. Then women start dying and it’s looking like Nessie, benign for so long, might be changing her ways. As Kris, with the help of Liam, investigates both the killer and the monster ancient mysteries come to light. It isn’t long before the professional skeptic begins to suspect that this time the hoax is actually the truth. But as the killer sets his sights on Kris, she wonders: Will she take that secret to the grave?

Book Cover Crave the Moon



In the first century, he lived for vengeance.

During the second, he hungered for blood.

By the third, he yearned for destruction.

But eventually . . .

All he craved was the moon.



Gina O'Neill will do anything to keep from losing the family ranch, except allow archeologist, Mateo Mecate, to dig there.  Some secrets need to stay buried.


Matt believes an ancient Aztec tomb lies beneath Nahua Springs Ranch. Finding it will restore his standing in the archeological community. He travels to Colorado to make his case in person.


Gina plans to say no to the moldy ancient academic, but when Matt arrives, he isn't ancient at all.  He's amazing, and he convinces her to let him try.


They awaken something unspeakably evil―a centuries old werewolf with vengeance on its mind. A sorcerer of incredible power.


Who will survive the battle to come?


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