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After dark, everything changes . . .
Step into the world of the Nightcreaure Novels. You may never step back out.
(This collection contains Books 1-3)

Blue Moon

When darkness falls, another world comes alive . . .

The summer I discovered the world was not black-and-white but a host of annoying shades of gray was the summer a lot more changed than my vision.

Call me Jessie, or better yet Officer McQuade. On the night the truth began, our usually shy wolf population near my hometown of Miniwa, Wisconsin attacked. Circumstances led me to Professor Will Cadotte, an expert in Native American mythology, particularly of the Ojibwe.

Tall, dark and gorgeous, he was also funny, smart and nearly as sarcastic as I am. I felt things when I looked at him. I wanted to keep feeling them longer than was healthy for a woman like me. I know what I am. Better off alone.

We were getting nowhere until the arrival of Edward Mandenauer, a self-proclaimed werewolf hunter.
Sure, I laughed. Then one of our dead bodies walked out of the morgue.

After that . . . things got really strange.

Hunter’s Moon

Beneath a hunter’s moon blood turns from crimson to black . . .

Once upon a time they called me Ms. Tyler, Leigh to my friends, a kindergarten teacher who dreamed of love, children and that cliché picket fence. Then my worst mistake came back and brutally took away everything I ever loved.

Mistakes . . . they can haunt you. Until you make them stop. So I became a hunter, a Jager-Sucher. Specialty: Werewolves.

Distractions can be deadly and Damien Fitzgerald, a drifter with a questionable past is the ultimate distraction. When I gave up love, I gave up sex. Damien makes me wonder if maybe, just maybe, that was a mistake. However, people who hang around me too long wind up dead, and I can’t live with any more souls on my conscience.

Dark Moon

As the moon goes dark, secrets come to light . . .

The bronze nameplate on my desk reads Dr. Elise Hanover-Virologist. I’ve made it my mission to cure lycanthropy. My life depends on it. I am a werewolf too.

I’ve been holed up in a secret Montana compound for . . . what year is it? Let’s just say it’s been a while.

But when the compound blows sky high and the biggest, baddest, craziest werewolf of all escapes, I’m thrown together with FBI agent, Nic Franklin. Unfortunately, he’s the man whose heart I broke once upon a time, and he hasn’t forgotten, or forgiven, me yet.

My boss, Edward Mandenauer, is just waiting for a reason to put a silver bullet in my brain and the way things are going, downhill at epic speed, he may have found the perfect excuse.

The worst part? I love Nic again, or maybe I love him still, and a weakness like that is certain to get both of us killed.

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