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Book Cover Dreams of an Eagle

Historical Paranormal


Genny McGuire lost everything in the War Between The States. Since then she has been haunted by the dream of a white eagle, which brings her both happiness and despair. Determined to discover the truth behind what she believes is a prophecy, Genny heads for Bakerstown, Texas and comes face-to-face with Keenan Eagle, the dangerous, half-breed bounty hunter known as White Eagle. 

Though driven away years ago by both the Comanche-hating townsfolk and the unspeakable evil that haunts the hills, Keen has returned to Bakerstown. Unfortunately the place holds memories of every woman he's ever loved. They have all died because of him. 

Keen swore never to love again, yet something about the stong-willed schoolteacher awakens his desire. He begins to wonder if she is the woman he has been searching for. The woman who can end the reign of the evil spirit known as Night Stalker. 

The woman who Dreams of an Eagle.


Book Cover Full Moon Dreas
Historical Paranormal
In post Civil War Wisconsin, a traveling show holds many secrets. 

Emmaline Monroe was born into the magic and mystery of the traveling circus. When fellow performers begin to meet suspicious deaths on nights of the full moon, Emma knows she should trust no one. However the lovely tiger tamer is unable to curb her growing attraction to the mysterious stranger. 

Johnny Bradfordini has been plagued by violent dreams on the nights of the full moon. Uncertain of the depth of his own inner darkness, nevertheless he joins the circus in an attempt to discover the truth of his past. He finds himself drawn into the mysterious world and to Emma. 

But is he endangering her and everyone she holds dear? Or can the fiery beauty save them both with her love?


Book Cover When Midnight Comes
Historical Paranormal Novella

Visit the streets of 19th century New York in a novella based on the legend of the Jack O Lantern. Newly dead Jack Keegan may be doomed to wander the earth forever with only a lantern to light his way unless he atones for the sins of a lifetime. His love for Lucia Casale may be the only thing that can save him.


Book Cover D.J.'s Angel
Contemporary Paranormal

Police officer D. J. Halloran doesn't believe in love. However, once she meets children's book illustrator Chris McCall, she begins to have her doubts. But it isn't until her determined guardian angel intervenes that D. J. discovers the special promise of love.

Book Cover Dates From Hell
Containing "Dead Man Dating"
Paranormal Novella

She thought her date was out of this world.
Actually, he was not of this world . . .

We've all been on bad dates, nightmare dates, dreadful experiences that turned out to be uniquely memorable in the very worst way. But at least our partners for these detestable evenings were more or less . . . human!

Now Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Kelley Armstrong, and Lori Handeland -- four of the very best writers currently exploring the dangerous seduction of the supernatural -- offer up dating disasters (and unexpected delights) of a completely different sort: dark, wicked, paranormally sensual assignations with werewolves, demon lovers, and the romantically challenged undead. Sexy, witty, chilling, and altogether remarkable, here is proof positive that some love matches are made someplace other than heaven.


Book Cover Moon Fever
Containing "Cobwebs Over the Moon"
Paranormal Novella

Spellbinding paranormal stories by four stellar authors that will send shivers of desire down your spine.

In "Tempting Fate" by Susan Sizemore, Desiree dreams she spent a passion-filled night with sexy rock star Jon Coyote...and that he told her he was a vampire. But when Desiree discovers she is mysteriously pregnant, her erotic fantasy takes a strangely realistic turn.

An angry ghost is haunting Caroline's house in "The Darkness Within" by award-winning author Maggie Shayne. But when sexy private investigator Jim Lipton offers to help discover what is going on, Caroline suspects that he has a personal interest in her ghost -- and in her.

In "Cobwebs Over the Moon" by Lori Handeland, Manhattanite Carly Kelly is pursued by werewolves across the wintry Alaskan wilderness, and only ruggedly handsome soldier Dylan Shepard stands between her and death.

Lycanthropy takes an exotic tropical twist in "Crazy for the Cat" by Caridad Piñeiro. When scientist Jessica Morales travels to the Amazon jungle, she discovers that beneath the savage grace of her local guide, the handsome Javier da Costa, lurks a hidden wildness that is as tempting as it is dangerous.


Book Cover Shadow Lover
Romantic Suspense
Nominated for a Romance Writers' of America
 Golden Heart Award


Rachel Taylor has spent three years seeking vengeance for her brother's death. Then she discovers herself falling under the spell of the man she believes is responsible for her pain and suffering. After his accident, Michael Gabriel hides himself from the world. Though he fears past secrets may destroy his life, he is unable to deny his growing attraction for Rachel. 
Both gifted singers, Michael and Rachel are cast as the voices in a new animated feature. But as their characters fall in love, so do they. However someone will stop at nothing--not even murder--to keep them apart.

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