with Shakespeare and Vampires . . .

and Zombies


Zombies and Vampires and Shakespeare, oh my!


Take a fun-filled fantasy romp through Elizabethan England.


It has been said that one man could not possibly have created all the works attributed to William Shakespeare.  However, what if Shakespeare was not a man?  What if Shakespeare was an immortal vampire?  


What if the Dark Lady of his sonnets was a zombie hunter?  What if they met, fell in love, thwarted evil together . . . 

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The course of true love never did run smooth . . .


When William Shakespeare, vampire, and his Dark Lady, the zombie hunter Kate Dymond, are stranded on a mystical isle with a fairy, a werewolf and a sorcerer, strange things are afoot even before the zombies arrive.


Will and Kate have bigger problems than the undead. Though their love is true and forever, Will's forever and Kate's are not the same.  What will happen when she begins to age and he stays forever young?


But first to the problems at hand: Can the two lovers band together to fight the zombie infestation? Will they be able to thwart the mad plans of a man who plans to release his zombie army on the shores of England and overthrow their beloved Queen Bess?


En garde!

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