Sisters of the Craft
A Nightcreature Spinoff Trilogy
Three sisters thrust forward in time must find each other before the forces of evil separate them forever 


"Handeland punctuates smooth storytelling with dark humor and uses a mix of first and third-person narration to amp up the emotional content." 

Publishers Weekly


Love always casts a spell . . .


     My name is Raye. Miss Larsen to my students. And I see ghosts. Like the freaky little kid in the movie said: They’re everywhere. 

     In choosing my occupation, I tried to get as far away from the dead as possible. I figured I’d be safe in a kindergarten classroom.

     Boy, was I wrong.

     The first murder in decades brings New Orleans homicide detective Bobby Doucet to town.  Our attraction is instantaneous. Bobby is on the trail of a serial killer and our victim fits the profile of the others, as does the next one.  And the next. 

     Life becomes dangerous, chaotic, damn near unbelievable. Covens, witch hunters, magic, a lone black wolf where she doesn’t belong and suddenly my life is in danger.

     Events in his past have caused Bobby to harbor an intense hatred of all things supernatural; he believes anyone who pretends to have psychic abilities is a liar, a charlatan and a thief.

     Which makes it kinda hard to tell him . . . the murder victims have been talking to me.



Love is timeless . . .



     The folks in my hometown of Three Harbors call me Doc Becca aka Rebecca Carstairs. As long as I can remember I have heard the thoughts of animals. Call it an overactive imagination. My parents had. 

     I’d learned to keep those “conversations” to myself. Crazy is as crazy does, and a veterinarian who thinks she can talk to animals doesn’t last long in small town Wisconsin. Nevertheless, my diagnoses are spot on and my healing touch has been described as nothing less than magic.

     A string of missing pets are found mutilated in the abandoned “witch’s house,” which also happens to be the childhood home of the only man I’ve ever loved. Owen McAllister broke my heart when he joined the Marines and left me behind.  Now he’s back following an accident that left both Owen and his K-9 counterpart in bomb detection injured. Being over him was easy when he wasn’t everywhere I turned.

     However, the missing animals are only the beginning. Pentagrams, cults, witches—real ones—show up with disturbing speed. And what about the wolf with the oddly human, florescent green eyes that has been a companion since childhood?

     When a stranger arrives calling me sister, questions about my past resurface, but before they can be answered,someone tries to kill me, After that, there’s no keeping Owen away, and if we can’t keep our hands off each other, so what? I know he isn’t staying, that he has a life elsewhere that can never include me. 

     But who wouldn’t want a Marine and his military working dog as bodyguards when it seems like the whole world has gone mad?



Love, like magic, can leave you breathless . . .


     The powers that be dubbed me Willow Black after the black willow tree where I was abandoned. Into foster care I went and in foster care I stayed. No one wants to keep a fey girl who thinks she can see the future in the water—and bring the rain.

     A stint in the Northern Wisconsin Mental Health Facility brings me face-to face with the man who’s haunted my visions for a very long time. Sebastian Frasier is not only the facility’s new administrator but my new psychiatrist.

     Others have tried to convince me that I’m delusional.  Been there, done that.  Still have visions.  Others have given up on me, but not Sebastian. Sebastian lost his sister to madness and it haunts him.  His sadness calls to me almost as much as the memories of a love that hasn’t yet happened.

      Sebastian does his best to logically explain away a few demonstrations of the impossible.  But when someone tries to kill me, we have no choice but to run. After that, fighting our intense, mutual attraction, the destiny that beats around us every time that we touch, is impossible.

      A centuries-old witch hunter intent on killing not only me but the two sisters I didn’t know I had, along with every other witch on earth, has been resurrected. I’m an elemental water witch and once my burgeoning power is combined with that of my sisters—an air witch and a fire witch—we just might be powerful enough to stop what’s coming.

      An epic battle against certain evil.