A romantic comedy series

Five brothers and one sister born on an Illinois dairy farm

Come along on the journey as each of them finds love 

Book Cover The Farmer's Wife

. . . a remarkable glimpse into the many relationships people experience in their lives as husbands and wives, parents, children, siblings, friends and lovers."

Romantic Times


The secret they've kept can either bring them together

or tear them apart . . .

Youngest sibling and only sister, Kim Luchetti comes home to the Illinois family farm after her father's heart attack. Eight years ago she vowed never to come back, believing only distance would allow her to forget the tragedy that broke her heart. Returning means she must face everyone's questions, including those of her first love, Brian Riley, the only one who knows her secret.

Despite Brian's hurt and anger over her abandoning him when he needed her the most, Brian has never stopped loving Kim. When she appears at his farm, surprise causes him to tumble off the barn roof and break both his wrists. Kim's guilt makes her agree to move in and help until he is healed. But Kim never wanted to be a farmer’s wife and her lack of skills leads to daily hilarious disasters.

Laughing together, living together forces Kim and Brian to face the past and their unresolved feelings. Will talking about what happened help them heal? Or will the memories of their heartbreak keep them from their second chance?

Book Cover The Daddy Quest


. . . an emotional tale that will keep one

turning those pages until the last one is reached.

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Leaving Las Vegas . . .

After discovering that the father she'd been told was dead is, in fact, alive, thirteen-year-old Rayne Houston runs away. She takes along her new friend, the Timinator, aka Tim, a young boy she found hiding behind a garbage can in her hometown of Las Vegas.  Tim needs a daddy too, so the two of them hop a bus to Illinois and begin The Daddy Quest.


Nicole Houston is frantic when she discovers her daughter is gone. Her lies are coming back to haunt her, but when she told them she believed she was doing the right thing for everyone.  


Nicole lived a life no child ever should. Dumped as a baby, unwanted and unloved, she ended up in Vegas, working as a stripper. Then one night of love with a man bound for the priesthood set her on a new path... as a mother.


Aaron Luchetti never became a priest.  Instead he has been working on the family dairy farm and trying to forget his past and his failures. But he never got over his time in Las Vegas; he never got over Nicole.  When he discovers he has a daughter he is both thrilled and horrified.


From the moment Nicole steps back into his life, Aaron awakens. Everything about Nicole enthralls him.  Everything about his daughter enchants him.  He wants them to be a family.  But is it too late?



Book Cover The Brother Quest

 . . .filled with laugh-inducing moments.

Romantic Times 


If anything ever happens to me,

go to 445 Briar Lane, Wind Lake, Minnesota . . .



Foreign correspondent Colin Luchetti receives this cryptic note from his missing brother, Bobby, an Army Special Forces officer. The address leads to Chasing Rainbows Day Care Center owned by Bobby's pen pal, Marlie Anderson, who knows nothing about his brother's disappearance.  With all avenues closed, Colin decides to stick around Wind Lake and hope he finds a clue that will lead to Bobby.


Marlie believes everything she needs is in Wind Lake--until Colin Luchetti comes along. She doesn't think someone who lives a James Bond life would ever be interested in a shy, bespectacled, slightly overweight preschool teacher. But Colin is fascinated by her zest for life and the way she is the calm in everyone's storm. 


For his family's sake Colin knows he should focus on the mystery of Bobby's disappearance. But can he do it without falling for his brother's girl?



Book Cover The Husband Qust


Laugh-out-loud situations and marvelous characters make

Lori Handeland's The Husband Quest a keeper.

Romantic Times


What's love got to do with it?


Jilly Hart has been called many things. Gold digger. Trophy wife. Serial bride. She's led a difficult life, so she doesn't believe in love or magic, only assets. She doesn't ever plan to be poor or hungry again. However, when she finds herself a widow for the fourth time, she discovers all she has left is a nineteenth-century inn in South Fork, Arkansas. She heads there with plans to sell the place and start her quest for husband number five. Unfortunately the inn is not only a wreck, but haunted.


Evan Luchetti's brothers tease him about being "just a gigolo." But all he wants is a family.  When his latest relationship falters after he proposes, he decides to change his life--in Arkansas.  He accepts a job restoring a 19th century inn.


When the two meet, sparks fly.  But Evan wants forever and Jilly has three rules she lives by:


Never, ever marry for love.

Poor men are for play; rich men are for keeps.

Old men are like fine wine. Once tasted, they don't last very long.


They strike a partnership to restore the inn and sell it so that Evan can be paid the money he's owed and Jilly can move forward with her quest. But the more time they spend together, the more things change.


Can Evan convince Jilly that love is magic and will make her so much richer than any life money can buy?

Book Cover A Soldier's Quest

Winner of the Romantic Times Award for

Best Harlequin Superromance! 


What happens when G.I. Joe meets Jane of the Jungle?


After Bobby Luchetti, a U.S. Special Forces officer, discovers the woman he loves has married his brother he accepts the next mission he's offered--a solo assignment to rescue a kidnapped doctor, deep into the heart of Mexico.


Dr. Jane Harker practices medicine in places no one else will go.  When the super soldier shows up to rescue her, she points out that she doesn't need rescuing.  She hasn't been kidnapped. Then someone tries to kill her.


Circumstances send the two on the run through the Mexican jungle, to Washington D.C. and finally to Bobby's childhood home, a farm in Illinois, dragging along Lucky, Jane's one-eyed rescue mutt.  As they try to stay one step ahead of whoever has it in for Jane, they move from lust to friendship to love.  But does this relationship stand a chance?  Because getting through this alive is only the beginning . . .



Book Cover The Mommy Quest
RITA Winner







Winner of the RITA® Award for Long Contemporary Romance!


What do you do when you need a mommy too?


Once upon a time, Tim Luchetti went searching for a daddy and found one in Dean Luchetti.  Now it's time for Tim's Mommy Quest and he has the perfect woman picked out: his principal, Stella O'Connell. Unfortunately, Dean and Stella have history . . . a lot of it.


Stella left Gainsville, Illinois right after high school, never planning to come back. But an attack at her Los Angeles school has put her on mandatory leave.  When the Gainsville Elementary principal is injured, Stella slides right into her chair. Why does her problem child have to be Dean's son?


In a plot to get Dean and Stella together, Tim misbehaves.  He sets his father up on all sorts of terrible dates.  The Mommy Quest is in full swing.


However, when history rears its ugly head, can Dean and Stella overcome it and find happiness together? Most importantly, can they keep from hurting Tim, who has been hurt enough?