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A romantic comedy series about five brothers and one sister, born on an Illinois dairy farm.

Come along on the journey as each of them finds love.


The Husband Quest-Book 4

What’s love got to do with it?

When handyman Evan Luchetti and serial bride Jilly Hart meet, sparks fly. But Evan wants forever and Jilly has three rules she lives by:

Never, ever marry for love.


Poor men are for play; rich men are for keeps.

Old men are like fine wine. Once tasted, they don't last very long.

Can Evan convince Jilly that love is magic and will make her so much richer than any life money can buy?


A Soldier's Quest-Book 5

What happens when G.I. Joe meets Jane of the Jungle?

Winner of the Romantic Times Award for Best Harlequin Superromance!

Upon discovering the woman he loves has married his brother, Bobby Luchetti, a U.S. Special Forces officer, accepts a mission deep into the heart of Mexico where Dr. Jane Harker practices medicine in places no one else will go.

When someone tries to kill her, the two go on the run attempting to stay one step ahead of whoever has it in for Jane. Does this relationship stand a chance?

Because getting through this alive is only the beginning . . .


The Mommy Quest-Book 6

What do you do when you need a mommy too?

Winner of the RITA® Award for Long Contemporary Romance!

Once upon a time, Tim Luchetti went searching for a daddy and found one in Dean Luchetti. Now it's time for Tim's Mommy Quest.

Stella O'Connell left Gainsville, Illinois right after high school, never planning to come back. When the elementary school principal is injured, Stella slides into her chair.

Why does her problem child have to be Dean's son?

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