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A duet of classic contemporary love stories. Humor with heart!

Prequels to the Bestselling Luchettis series


Max Frasier is a remarkable eight-year-old boy whose imagination and clumsy feet get him in trouble. Max doesn't mean to forget he's grounded when he wanders off to follow the wind or a whim, he just forgets. Max is fascinated with things that go bump in the night and in Savannah, Georgia there are a lot of them.

Livy doesn't have a clue how to cultivate the magic that lies within her child. By trying to keep him safe from broken bones, she crushes his flights of imagination. In trying to make him like other little boys, she fights against what makes him special.

When Max meets Garrett Stark, famous horror author, he finds a kindred spirit. What he doesn't know is that he's found his father.

Livy was the first person to offer Garrett love, and uncertain how to love back, believing himself unworthy, he had run. But from the first moment Garret sees Max, he knows there's something special about the child. Garrett had thought he'd returned to Savannah to pursue the muse that inspired his previous books. Now he knows he's come back for Livy.

Can the three of them get past the lies between them to create the family and the home they've always wanted?


A TOP PICK of the month from Romantic Times

Pleasant Ridge has been chosen as the backdrop of a new TV series and everyone is thrilled--except Sheriff Gabe Klein. He's been given the task of teaching supermodel Isabelle Ash how to act like a small-town sheriff.

Isabelle is overjoyed to star in her own series. It's her chance to show what she can do as an actress and put an end to modeling underwear in below zero temperatures.

Gabe, who's been told he resembles his hound dog, Clint, knows better than to fall for a beautiful woman. But there is so much more to Isabelle than her face, that body.

Will the two be able to deal with their issues of self-worth and society's image of what is beautiful so they can find happiness together?

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