A six book series written by Lori Handeland and Linda Winstead Jones



Six elite Confederate soldiers band together after the War Between the States, hiring out their guns to protect lawless towns. Violence is all they know, until they make their way to Rock Creek, Texas. 

Book Cover Reese
REESE (Book 1)
by Lori Handeland

Mary McKendrick, a headstrong schoolteacher who wants nothing more than to find a home, takes charge when a band of ruffians attempts to destroy Rock Creek.  With very few men left in town after the war, Mary travels to Dallas to hire Reese, the mysterious and reluctant leader of a band of guns for hire.


Reese is haunted by the war and all he did during it.  The only constant in his life are the five men willing to come whenever he calls them.  They will do anything for each other; they are all they have left.


Though Mary prides herself on managing everyone and anything, she can't manage Reese or her feelings for him.  Reese doesn't believe he is worthy of loyalty and devotion; he certainly isn't worthy of love.  In Rock Creek, Mary McKendrick teaches him differently.

Book Cover Sullivan
by Linda Winstead Jones

For Eden Rourke, making her way from a sheltered life in Georgia to rough and tumble Rock Creek is an easy decision, if not an easy journey. A tenderhearted woman, she’s always been driven to help those in need, including the half-breed Sinclair Sullivan who’s been ambushed and beaten directly in the path of her wagon. Coincidence? She thinks not. 

When Sullivan discovers that the woman who saved him is Jed Rourke’s sister, he feels obligated to escort her to Rock Creek. He tells himself that once she’s there she’ll be Jed’s problem, not his, but Eden is not only tender and unfailingly optimistic, she’s persistent. And she’s decided that Sinclair Sullivan is meant to be hers. 

Eden doesn’t believe in coincidence, but she does believe in fate. 

Book Cover Rico
RICO (Book 3)
by Lori Handeland


Rico is known as "the Kid" to the other members of the Rock Creek Six.  Though he can't hit much with a gun, he is deadly with a knife--and with women. But like all of them, Rico has secrets in his past, which come back to haunt him. 


Lily Fortier has secrets of her own.  She arrives in Rock Creek after winning the local saloon in a poker game and sets about making for herself the life she's always dreamed of having. Once known as the "ebony-eyed nightingale of New Orleans" Lily's beautiful voice has lifted her out of a shack in the swamps.  Though she's always worked for others, she has her own place now, her own plans, her own life.  She doesn't need a man in it--especially one like Rico. 


However, over time he proves himself to be more than a decorative, aimless knife for hire.  Together they build a business and make a home for both themselves and the two orphaned children who love them.


When a Pinkerton agent arrives in Rock Creek and drags Lily back to New Orleans to stand trial for murder, even the Rock Creek Six can't save her.  This time, only Rico can.

Book Cover Jed
JED (Book 4)
by Linda Winstead Jones


Hannah Winters is summoned to Rock Creek by a cryptic message from a sister she hasn’t seen in many years. When the stagecoach is robbed, and she and the the passengers are left stranded on the road, she finds herself butting heads with fellow passenger Jed Rourke. 

Jed’s old flame has recently become a widow, and she wants Jed to make sure the man who murdered her husband is punished. The accused is a mild-mannered shopkeeper who maintains his innocence. He’s also Hannah’s brother-in-law. 

Jed and Hannah find themselves on opposite sides of a scandalous murder case, but at the same time they’re constantly drawn together. Is Hannah the woman who can finally cure Jed of his need to wander? Is he the man to heal the broken heart she hides so well? 

Book Cover Nate
NATE (Book 5)
by Lori Handeland


Nate Lang is a preacher turned gunfighter.  Not one of the men who rides at his side knows what turned Nate from God to the gun and then the bottle.  None of them ask.  They all have their secrets, and Nate deserves his.


Jo Clancy, daughter of the disgraced Rock Creek reverend, has loved Nate from the moment she met him.  When others give up, Jo is always there, determined to show him that life is worth living and love is worth anything.


When Nate doesn't return from a job in Mexico, Jo fears the worst and travels there alone to find him.  Upon their return to Rock Creek, circumstances lead to a marriage of convenience.  Together they minister to the people of the town.  Is a new life enough to draw Nate away from his darkness?  Will he ever see the light?



Book Cover Casj
CASH (Book 6)
by Linda Winstead Jones


Rock Creek is the only place gunslinger Daniel Cash dares to call home, even though he’s surrounded by constant and annoying reminders that the others have moved on. His friends have made lives and families for themselves, they’ve finally left the war behind. He never will. 

Nadine Ellington, a girl from his past, comes riding into town with the son Cash never knew they’d created before he left town to go to war. His teenage son who’s decided to become a gunslinger has come looking for a mentor in the deadly man he most admires. The man he doesn’t know is his father. 

Nadine desperately wants Cash to convince their child that the life of a gunslinger isn’t for him. She promises her old love anything, if only he’ll do as she asks. While she searches for a trace of the boy she once loved in the hard man who’s taken his place, Cash is faced with the ugly truth that no one he loves will ever be safe.