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In a battle of wits and wills between a Yankee Major and a Southern belle, who will win the war?

Former Union Major Seth Torrance continues to fight the enemy every night in his dreams. Though his mother expects him to take over the family munitions business, Seth can’t bear to construct instruments of war. When he receives word that his oldest friend died on the Confederate side of one of the many battles Seth fought, his guilt deepens. He jumps at the chance to travel to Virginia and settle his friend's affairs.

Upon his arrival, Seth discovers those affairs include not only the family farm but five children, presently being watched over Ella Fontaine, a neighbor that doesn't take kindly to Northerners. But Ella has to admit she needs help, even if it is from a Yankee. However the children have other ideas and band together to chase off the Major.

Seth has fought harder battles, and he plans to win this war. To the victor goes the spoils, and Seth wouldn't mind winning the heart of Ella Fontaine.

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